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A Brief Overview Of The Syriac Scout of Burbank Troop 290

The Syriac Scout of Burbank troop 290


The Preparation for establishment the first scout in America was in September 1996, an administrative committee was formed from the members:

Rimon Motran: (President)

George Khoury: (Scout Leader).

Elias Danho: (Treasure).

Suhel Kalaiji.

Tania Kerio: (Secretary).

Members: Gabi Barsoum, Norma Khoury.


And on February 14th 1997, some motivations for the formation of the Committee were made, as the following:

George Khoury: (President & Scout Leader).

Elias Danho: (treasure).

Suhel Kalaiji.

Norma Khoury: (Secretary).

Members: Tania Kerio, Fuad Khoury, Hilda Khoury, Samira alhamwi.

Leaders Assistants:

Hala Shammas, Christine Mirza, Fadi Hanna, Ron Khoury, Sam Asker, Christy Alaci, Hala Diab, Carolin Mirza, Cludia Murad, Joe Khoury.



• The purpose was to gather the families and the Church members twice a week, Friday night as a scouts day, and Sunday morning for teaching religious studies. Scout members at that time were 72 and they increased rapidly to 120 members.


• Preparing Camps and included: (scout activities, training for the new graduate members, giving decorations Party, bonfire party, and a Divine Liturgy on Sunday followed by giving communion to all scout members.


• Local Trips (skies and different games).


• Annual parties.


• A help in feasts and Church services.
• Participating in the church events, through the nice playing of the scout’s music band.

• Organizing social studies and lectures, prepared and given by Mrs. Alya Iwas.
• And our Syriac Scout was registered under the boy scout of America as Troop 290 on February 14, 1997.


• And our Syriac scout of Burbank, under the leadership of Malfono George Khoury, has participated in the silver jubilee of H.H. Moran Mor Ignatius Zakka I, in St Ephrem Monastery in Maarat Saidnaya, Syria on September 14, 2005.


Educational scout Course:

1- Religious studies: * Holy Bible Reading/ Discussion.

• Songs/ Hymns.
• Life of Jesus.
• Bulletin/ Famous People.

2- Syrian History: * Christianity/ Church.

• Suffering.
• Language.
• Different culture wisdom.
• History of the Syrians in USA.

3- Outdoors/ nature: * Camp Preparation.

• Survival skills.
• Respecting Nature.

4- Manners: * Conversation

• Respect (Parents, Leaders, Each other, brothers and sisters)
• Public/ Private Occasions.
• Rights from Wrongs.

5- Leadership/ Team work: * Training Skills

• Power through Love.
• Self-esteem/ Determination Patrol.

6- Dedication: * Attendance.

• Uniform.
• Pride.

7- Music: * Band

• Large Quantities.

Besides of many books from the Educational books of the Boy Scout of America as:
Names of the Scout Leaders of the Troop 290 in Burbank:
1- Malfono George Khoury: from February 14 1997---May 2008





2- Malfono Samir Shahrestan: from May 2008---September 2008.


3- Malfono Fadi Hanna: from February 2009---Present.


The Universal Syriac Scout


By the Blessing of Our Patriarch His Holiness Mor Ignatius Zakka I Iwas, established the Universal Syriac Scout on August/23/ 2003, where Malfono George Khoury the oldest scout leader, lead the Voting session and during this meeting they formed the leadership of the Universal Syriac Scout.
For more information about the Universal Syriac Scout go to their website:
and our Scout in Burbank has supported the Universal Syriac Scout, by sending to them 2000$ for the St. Ephrem Patriarchal Monastery Project in Zahla, where it will be the Headquarter for them, and they put a plate by our Scout’s name above the door of the Main salon in the building.


22, May 2009
Georges Nasso
Keep going strong, and may God bless you, to serve our nation
  2009-10-24 13:54:04
George Sallamah
God Bless You and Happy Scout,Scout a day ,Scout forever.
  2010-02-12 00:30:19
بشار خيري
اتمنى للكشاف السرياني في امريكا التقدم والازدهار لخدمة الكنيسة والشعب المؤمن واتمنى ان نتواصل معا عبر ايميلي هذا لتبادل المعلومات والخبرات الكشفية لخدمة الكشاف... بشار خيري مفوضية مار متى الفوج الثاني /برطلة الكشاف السرياني العالمي
  2010-02-19 14:30:34
بشار خيري
اتمنى للكشاف السرياني في امريكا التقدم والازدهار والتوفيق لخدمة الكنيسة والشعب المؤمن.. اطلب من القادة ان نتواصل معا لتبادل المعلومات والخبرات من اجل خدمة الكشاف السرياني.. ودمتم في سلام المسيح.. بشار خيري مفوضية دير مار متى/ الفوج الثاني/ برطلة الكشاف السرياني العالمي
  2010-02-19 15:15:19
Luis Meiras
dear scout friend, my name is luis meiras and i'm a scout leader in spain. i'm writing you because my scout group is celebrating the 50 anniversary and we will work in a small expo scout with scout badges from scout around the world. please could you send us a badge about syrian osthodox scouts of america. Our address please: Luis Meiras P.O.Box 10865 E38080 S/C of Tenerife SPAIN Of course we can send you ours in return. Yours in scouting, Luis be prepared
  2010-03-29 12:01:02
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