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St. Ephraim Cathedral Youth

The St. Ephraim Youth is consisted of church members that meet throughout the year to help organize various events and gatherings. The youth members meet at the church hall every other Thursday to discuss upcoming events (spiritual retreats, social gatherings, etc.) Meetings are followed by bible studies lead by Father John Saif. All youth members 17 years and older are encouraged to attend all the youth events held throughout the year. This is a great opportunity to meet new and familiar faces from the church community.

The Syriac Orthodox Youth of the United States and Canada prepare a yearly event also known as the “Youth Convention”. Every year there is one church from the United States or Canada that hosts the four-day convention. The yearly event starts near the beginning of July. The purpose of the convention is to meet new friends of the Syriac community from different parts of the country. The convention is also a great opportunity to help gain knowledge of the Syriac culture through prayer and religious activities.

The weekly mass at St. Ephraim Cathedral is conducted in English every first Sunday of the month. All youth members are encouraged to attend and learn about the bible.

We encourage all the youth from the Syriac community to visit our site: This site provides pictures, updates, open forum discussions, and other information from past and future events.

The Youth Organization President

Abe Gelin

27, Apr 2009
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